06 Dicembre 2022

Results of the Call for Tenders for Video Makers for the EU-Voice short documentary film

Concerning the Call for tenders for a Video Maker (individuals or organisations) to plan, coordinate, shoot, and edit a short documentary film on the activities of the project “EU-Voice: European Volunteering and Integration through Cultural Experience” funded under the AMIF call 2017 (Grant agreement nr. 821612 – EU-VOICE – AMIF – 2017 – AG - INTE), CESVOT - Centro Servizi Volontariato Toscana, as project coordinator and specific subcontracting organisation, has concluded the selection process.

CESVOT received the following 10 offers (chronologically listed):

1.Cultural Association H-demia di Musica, received on May 22, 2019
2.Mr Clemente Bicocchi, received on May 23 2019
3.Mr Mattia Mura, received on May 24, 2019
4.Association Bar Stories, received on May 27, 2019
5.Mr Antonio Marzotto, received on May 27, 2019
6.Mr Michelangelo Torres, received on May 27, 2019
7.Mr Andrea de Georgio with Mr Luca Salvatore Pistone, received on May 28, 2019
8.Association Le Tre e un Quarto APS, received on May 29, 2019
9.Mr Andreas Froeba, received on May 29, 2019
10.Ms Diletta Grella, received on May 29, 2019

The selection criteria have been: expertise in the field (based both on CV and on previous video works provided as sample by the candidates), specificities of the offer, and price.
The best offer has proved to be the one submitted by from Mr Andrea De Georgio with Mr Luca Salvatore Pistone.

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