03 Febbraio 2023

Get involved

Are you a cultural centre or organisation, or a volunteering organisation active in a cultural field?
EU-Voice promotes cultural volunteering activities as a vehicle of social inclusion and intercultural experiences by involving you in the planning and implementation of volunteering activities for native and no native citizens together in the cultural field you are active in.

Cultural volunteering is in fact the essential component of EU-VOICE as for native and non-native citizens it could represent a further stimulus towards the exploration, recognition and construction of common public spaces where to experience subjectivity through participation, non-formal learning , the strengthening of technical and relational skills in reference to new local contexts.

Are you a non native or a native citizen and you are willing to participate to a volunteering cultural activity in your community? EU-Voice proposes you to participate in cultural volunteering activities which take place in the area where you live, activities which you will be able to choose according to your interests and preferences.

In April 2019 five EU-VOICE partners – Cesvot and Co&So (Italy), USB-United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Meath Partnership (Republic of Ireland) and Volunteering Matters (United Kingdom) – are preparing Cultural Info Days for cultural organisations and institutions such as museums, libraries, heritage sites, youth centres, cultural associations, as well as for Third Sector organisations which are interested in hosting volunteering activities of non native and native citizens. Shortly after, recruitment days with potential volunteers will also take place, to inform them, evaluate together which activities can be of their interest, and plan a training previously to the actual activities.

If you are interested in any of such activities, please contact us by the Contact form, or find out the contact point in your country on our project brochure

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